About BitPayment.io


BitPayment is a project powered by Shapeshift.io. BitPayment offering your user friendly UI and UX on every device to make exchange of own altcoins/cryptocurrencies instantly.


Here are some of featured BitPayment Offers :

BitPayment is the fastest and safest cryptocurrency exchange! The moment you send your coins, BitPayment immediately exchange and then forward your coins to final destination, in less than a minute!

No registrations, no setups, no logins, no orders, no waiting. Just to the point, what you see is what you get instant safest and secure exchanging - and all we charge "ZERO" fee per transaction.

BitPayment's unique exchange model ensures the highest level of safety and security. Funds are forwarded as quickly as possible to their destination, therefore we do not hold or retain your coins.

Exchange and pay to any cryptocurrency address on the fly! Having trouble finding a way to sell your cryptocoins for BTC? BitPayment's instant exchange allows to convert cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

You can purchase ALL products and services that accept bitcoin or altcoins simply by paying through our instant exchange gateway. BitPayment automatically exchange and make payment to merchant.

BitPayment makes it easy to trade your cryptocurrencies. No more opening accounts, verifying identity, security concerns, waiting for funds to deposit, submitting orders, and awaiting withdrawals.


BitPayment have take care of evrything as BitPayment only provide user friendly user insterface to make instant exchange of altcoins/cryptocurrencies. BitPayment connects you securely to worlds best, secure and trusted cryptocurrency exchanger ShapeShift.io. Who makes thats simple to user to exchange own altcoinss instaly within matter of few seconds.


Currently BitPayment offering all coins for exchange offered by Shapeshift.io*

Tip -

All Transactions held with BitPayment are proceeded live by shapeshift API. Bitpayment never interact with your transactions. All transaction made up with any currency are public and anyone can view them. So BitPayment requesting to all users to check every tip mentioned on website before making process of exchange.