So what's the big deal?

BitPayment is an instant exchange, you send us coins, we send you coins back ASAP. No accounts, no verification, and a minimal fee.

How do I do this?

It's as easy as visiting the front page, select your exchange options, and then we will generate a page that show's you your send address, transaction history, and provides a rate lock count down.

Are my funds safe?

Yep, we take a lot of precaution with our wallet. We try to hold your funds for as short a time as possible. Once a transaction confirms, a corresponding send is created within tens of milliseconds.

I need to send $1,000,000 (or any close large amount) equivalent in btc, will you guys process it?

Yep we will! Although large transactions have to be overlooked manually and may require more confirmations.

My transaction has taken longer than 24 hours!

This happens time to time. Orphaned blocks, blockchain forks, and general network instability may cause delayed transactions.

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